Verrines au The Matcha (Matcha Glass Dessert)


After dinner we had the glass dessert that I made at the French Baking Class today.  Sadly, the agar wasn’t actually agar, it was Kanten.  However, the ratio of it isn’t too big so it didn’t matter too much, although it would have been nicer of it had a wobbly texture.  There are some Japanese desserts where you use Kanten so it wasn’t that bad.  However why do they sell Kanten as agar, the texture is so different.  My guess is that they don’t care as long as it’s vegetarian as they probably mainly sell it to vegetarians.  I must bring back the real thing when we go to Japan later this year.





We are giving 2 of them to our friends tomorrow as well as some of the roulade.  I think it’s going to be the first time for them to have sweet aduki beans and this whole dessert isn’t very sweet comparing to English cakes and desserts, so I don’t know if they would like it.


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