Lunch With Friends At Carluccio’s Chichester

今日は、香港時代から親しくさせていただいているお友達ご夫婦とランチをご一緒しました。1ヶ月くらい前に他のお友達たちとお目にかかりましたが、ゆっくりと4人でお話しするのは久しぶりだと思います。場所は、お2人が予約してくださったチチェスターの Carluccio’s 。

We had lunch with our close friends (we’ve known each other since our Hong Kong days) today at Carluccio’s in Chichester that they chose as a venue.  We did see them about a month ago at their house for a supper with many other friends but it’s been a while since just 4 of us had a chat.



I forgot to take photos but we had starters.  My friend and her husband had an assorted bread basket and Caprese, my husband had Caprese and I had Focaccia.  The Focaccia was very dry and not nice at all, I’ve had it once before and didn’t like it then but had forgotten.


My friend had Pappardelle Pasta with Ragu, which she enjoyed.


Her husband had carbonara pasta, which he said was quite dry.



My husband had Casarecce (short pasta) with spicy sausage & tomato sauce.  I had a couple of bits of the pasta but the texture was very strange, not enjoyable.  My husband said the same and left most of it.



I had Veganesca, which is a vegan version of Puttanesca, which I enjoyed.  Almost every time when I eat here I order the same thing, this pasta.  I’ve ordered something else once and it wasn’t enjoyable at all so since then I always order this one.  The sauce is a little different every time but as it has olives, pine nuts and raisins, which add saltiness and sweetness, it usually tastes good.  In many restaurants in England I find there are one or two items out of those that I can eat on the menu that I find tasty but others aren’t, so I find it the best to stick to the one I like rather than ordering different items. I almost always regret it when I order something different.



For dessert our friends shared Limoncello Tart with sorbet.


My husband and I shared a Polenta Cake.





Each of us ordered tea or coffee with the dessert and we shared a bottle of sparkling water.



We had a good chat for a couple of hours over lunch, it was great to catch up.  They had a wonderful holiday in France with their families, which is great.  I hope we can get together again before we leave for Japan.



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