The Creative Craft Show (Farnborough)


A week or so ago, my husband told me he had found some information on “The Creative Craft Show” in Farnborough, which is near Guildford.  There seemed to be a lot of booths of different crafts and as it wasn’t too far for us and we’ve been wanting for quite a while to go to Guildford for a bit of shopping, we decided to go there.  The information said it was opening at 10:00, so we left around 9:00am, got there around 10:20.  The road near the exhibition hall was jammed and we had to drive very slowly for about 10 minutes or so, so we were a little worried it would be very busy but it wasn’t too bad, and we got a slot in the parking lot on the 2nd row.


The hall was larger than we expected, I think there were about 100 booths and found quite a lot of shops that sell card making and scrapbooking stuff (like stamps, dies, stencils, ink etc).  There were also a lot of quilting material shops, sewing related shops, art related shops (like paints, pencils etc), and bead shops.  We walked around for an hour or so.  I ended up not buying anything because I found it a bit overwhelming, specially because there weren’t many familiar brands as they are all or mostly British shops and the things I’m most familiar with are from the US, but both my husband and I enjoyed just walking around and seeing things.







There was a booth of the Japanese Embroidery Guild.  We thought there may be a Japanese person or some Japanese people but there weren’t and we were told by the lady we spoke to that she didn’t think there were actually any Japanese membera.  When I was still in Japan, I think about a year before we left for Hong Kong, my Mum was interested in trying Japanese embroidery so we took lessons for a year or so.  The work is so so fine, after taking the lessons for months we had embroidered only a very small area, I remember.





After walking around for about an hour, we left and drove to Guildford.




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