French Patisserrie Lesson (Dacquoise a l’Orange And Biscuits a la Creme au Citron)


As I wrote the other day, we are in the middle of a heatwave here in England.  Although we had a few weeks of good weather, the temperature was very low and it rained quite a lot in July and August and the forecast wasn’t showing high temperature for September. So we thought our summer was just in June, but the forecast then changed quite dramatically and we are having about a week of high temperatures.  It was about 27C here, but  it was hotter in and around London, above 30C.

そして、このヒートウェーブのタイミングで、今日ズームによるEcole Chez Haru のフランス菓子のレッスンでした。7月8月のレッスンはつい10日ほど前で、今月はたまたま今日。わたしは1人で参加しているので入れるところに入る、という感じなので毎月、どの時点でレッスンが入るかはわからないのです。ということで、暑い中、オーブンを使うレッスンでした。扇風機を使いながらなんとか。(でも、気をつけて粉類を扱う時は止めないと大変なことになるので、何度か消してはつけながら。)今年中にダイニングルームにクーラーが入る予定なので、来年の夏はヒートウェーブが来ても楽にベイキングが出来ます!

In the middle of this heatwave, I had an Ecole Chez Haru French Baking Class on Zoom today.  I had a lesson for July/August about 10 days ago, but this is a lesson in September.  As I join the class alone I have to take a slot where I can, so I never know when that is every month.  It was of course very hot with the oven on, but I managed with a fan on (but I had to be careful to turn it off when I handled any flour or powder sugar!)  We should have another air-conditioning unit in the dining room before the end of this year, so it shouldn’t be as hot even when we get a heatwave next summer.


* Dacquoise a l’Orange (オレンジのダコワーズ)
* Biscuita a la Creme au Citron (レモンクリームのクッキー)

The things we baked today:

  • Dacquoise a l’Orange (Orange Dacquoise)
  • Biscuita a la Creme au Citron (Lemon Cream Biscuits)



This is the Orange Dacquoise.  It seems like not many people in England know what Dacquoise is.  It is very popular in Japan and it’s usually a sort of oblong shape, 2 pieces are put together with some sort of cream in between.  I think originally it’s from France and is usually more like a round cake base in France if I remember correctly.  It’s similar to meringue but has almond powder in the batter as well as whipped egg white.  This one also has pistachio flour and pistachio paste.  On top, we put marmalade (I used the one my husband and I made together), then Orange Mousse and is decorated with orange around the mousse.  It looks pretty.  It should be eaten as soon as possible because the dacquoise base will get soggy, it’s a shame we don’t have anyone we can share near us.  I guess we’ll have to have a half today and the other half tomorrow.





Lemon Cream Biscuits.  It’s gluten free, made with rice flour and corn flour so the texture is very crumbly.  Apparently, there are different types of rice flour, and I used one from Japan because there was a pack of it in the parcel my sister sent to me from Japan; it is extremely fine.  The egg yolks I used for the lemon cream were a very strongly orange colour so the cream looks very orange, if the yolk was pale it would be more yellow than orange.  It has very strong lemon flavour.  I baked 8 but my husband and I had one each as soon as the lesson finished.




This time, the preparation wasn’t too complicated and the lesson finished in 2.5 hours, which is relatively short for this French Baking Lesson.  My legs still felt quite tired, though.


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