Chicken Katsu Curry


It cooled down yesterday and was even cooler today.  It was very cloudy all day today, so it felt even a little chilly in summer clothes.  Looking at the forecast, it looks like we won’t be seeing the sun much in the next 2 weeks.


Today’s dinner was Chicken Katsu Curry (Japanese style curry with chicken cutlet).  To me, Katsu Curry always meant curry with pork cutlet, but in England it’s always been chicken.  I wonder if Chicken Katsu Curry is also popular in Japan now.  I do like chicken cutlet made with chicken breast as it doesn’t dry out and is easier to cook than pork cutlet.  Chicken breasts are quite expensive here, though, comparing to Japan, they cost as much as pork.


There was some left over frozen mince beef curry that we cooked the other day, so we used that.  We also added some shallow-fried green beans, yellow pepper and aubergine.  We enjoyed it very much.





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