Wedding Anniversary Trip / Pub Lunch & Oxford


It was nice and sunny in the morning but it had gone quite cloudy by 11:00, when we left the hotel to the Cotswolds and soon started to rain. We were planning to walk in some nice village but we changed our plan to go to Oxford instead as walking in the rain isn’t much fun. After lunch in a pub, we went to Oxford for a little shopping.

ランチは、The Turpike というパブで。夫はフィッシュ&チップス、わたしはマルゲリータ(ピッツァ)。

We had lunch at “The Turpike“. My husband had Fish & Chips and I had Pizza (Margherita).


We went into “Waterstones” first, spent a bit of time there, then looked in a few shops in town but ended up not buying anything other than just one book. When we came out of the book shop the sun had come out and it had gone quite warm and we had to carry our coats, which were necessary earlier as it was quite cold. We were glad though that we’d decided not to take an umbrella from the car.





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