West Dean Gardens

今日はとっても良いお天気で特に予定もなかったので、久しぶりに、West Dean に行って来ました。前回行ったのがいつだったのか思い出せません、自分のブログを検索したら今年はアップしていないっぽいので、1年くらい行っていなかったのかもしれません。メンバーシップはとっくに切れていたので、新しくメンバーになりました。車で20分くらいと近いのでもっと頻繁に行けそうなのですが、出不精のわたしたちはお友達と行くお約束でもないと、なかなか出かけないのですよね。

As it’s been a lovely day today and we didn’t have any chores or appointments, we went to West Dean in the afternoon.   I cannot even remember when we were there last.  I searched on my blog but didn’t find any post on it this year, so maybe we hadn’t been there for almost a year?  Our membership was no longer valid so we got a new membership.  It’s only 20 minutes by car from us, you would think we’d be there more often but we both love staying home so we don’t often go out unless we have an appointment with family or friends.


Although the best time has passed, the dahlias were looking great and there were so many kinds of them.  We saw some delphiniums as well but they were not very tall or impressive as this is their second flush.  Our delphiniums flowered twice last year but only one of them had flowered again in autumn this year.


I thought it would be a very comfortable temperature to walk today, but it was actually quite hot when the sun was out even with a parasol, then it got chilly when the sun was hidden by some clouds, so you needed a jacket or something.  Still, with such beautiful weather,  the place looked very green and beautiful.  We didn’t have many hot days without rain this summer so the lawns were very green.



Some autumn crocuses were out, too.



After walking around, we had tea at the cafe and shared a pice of lemon drizzle cake, which was fluffy and moist and very good.



We are very lucky to have such a lovely place to go to within 20 minutes drive from us.  Actually we are surrounded by beautiful nature here.  Just this afternoon, wile we were having lunch at home, we were saying how we miss the environment, where you can just take a short taxi ride and go to one of hundreds of cafes or restaurants like in Singapore and we miss that, but we realise we cannot have everything and feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful area.



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