Japan Holiday / Dinner At Royal Host


I guess the lunch wasn’t so big (my husband helped me with the steak), and we were hungry enough to want to have dinner, so we went to Royal Host, which is very near us. When my husband was working in Japan he had a lot of lunches in one of the Royal Host branches that was near the office so it’s one of the nostalgic places for him and he wanted to go back.


My husband had Hamberg. I asked him if it was good and he said, “Well, just a Royal Host Hamberg. Not as good as yours, of course.” He also enjoyed the little loaf shaped rolls, his favourite.


I had Vegetable Curry with Rice With Various Grains, which was definitely the worst food I’ve had in Japan. It only tasted if cardamom, which is such a strong spice, you usually use only a little. I wonder if the cook put loads in by mistake.


I couldn’t help but having something else to clear my palate and we ended up ordering Creme Brulee Parfait each. A big mistake! It was lovely but quite sweet, I coudln’t finish it and wished I shared one with my husband. He finished his, though.


The total bill was £25.

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