Dinner at Korean Restaurant “Bornga”


My husband is away to very cold Shanghai – so I had dinner with a friend who has been very busy and also wasn’t well for a while.  It’s probably been more than a month since I saw her last.  She suggested a few places for the dinner and chose a Korean restaurant Bornga, where I’d never been to before.


Usually, when you have Korean BBQ you automatically get many small bowls of side dishes but here there were only a few but large bowls like salads and kimchi.  We ordered Kalbi and thinly slice beef and also added Chap Chae.  We thought we needed something extra after nearly finishing the BBQ but we probably should have stopped there.  We were so full after having some of Chap Chae.


It was all very tasty but very thing seemed just a little too sweet, specially Chap Chae.  Still, all in all, I thought it was very nice and we enjoyed it.  I’ve been trying not to over-eat for the last one month but I certainly ate too much tonight! It was lovely to see her looking well and as full of energy as usual.







韓国料理店焼肉 / バーベキュー料理店
#02-122/123, VivoCity (1 HarbourFront Walk), 098585, Singapore


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