Cookies & Photography Background


The friend who came for lunch with Vietnamese Sandwiches also gave me some cookies.  After she left, a delivery arrived – it was a few plastic sheets of background for photography.


I’ve been trying to find some nice wooden background for photography but haven’t managed to find any in Singapore.  In some countries, you can find them in shops and flea markets but not here and there is no DIY shops here either.  I knew about these plastic sheets but I have been sceptical if they look real wood so hadn’t tried but the other day I decided to give it a go and made an order.



They look quite real to me on the photos!  These are easy to store (just roll them up) and easy to clean, no need to worry about making it dirty with food.






The cookies are very crumbly and nice, too, but I really appreciate the time I share with these friends, they cheer me up so much even when I’m feeling down or full of worries…



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