Vietnamese Sandwich & Laughing with Friend(s)


A friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen for a while came over.  She needed to pick up her bottle of olive oil.  We were going to go somewhere for lunch but with the sudden heavy rain we’ve been getting recently we felt meeting at home is safer and more relaxing.  Getting a taxi from here is usually very easy but it can be very hard outside.

買ってきてくださったのは Saigon Sandwich というお店のバインミー。お店のスペシャルなものと野菜だけのもの2種類を半分ずついただきましたが、とっても美味しかったです。ベトナムのフランスパンはふんわりサクサクで食べやすくて香ばしくて、とってもおいしいです。

She offered to bring some Vietnamese sandwiches from a shop/restaurant near her place called “Sandwich Saigon.”  Apparently their Vietnamese sandwiches are very popular.  She brought one “Saigon Special” and one “Vegetables”.  Both very nice.  I love Vietnamese baguette, it’s quite different from French or Japanese but nice and crispy outside and soft inside and also light.





She started Zumba recently and told me a very funny story of what happened to her with the group.  It was so good to laugh until my tummy ached!  I’ve been having lots of bad news, which depresses me and saddens me a lot.  Laughing is the best remedy, I think, for that.


I try to watch funny videos on Youtube or think about our holidays trying to destruct me from all the worries and the sad news but laughing with friends works best.



Sandwich Saigon
93 E Coast Rd, 428792
6345 3849
Open: 11:30AM–3:30PM, 5:30–10PM







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