Spaghettini with Tomato Sauce


It’s been a while since my husband had his training with a personal trainer (first time since we got back from holiday), but he had a session this evening so I decided to cook pasta (carbohydrate).  Today, I cooked Spaghetti with simple tomato sauce.  I love these simple spaghetti whereas my husband loves short pasta with lots of stuff in the sauce.  I do try to use short pasta often but now and again I want long pasta.  I bought a pack of mini tomatoes from Australia but they have very tough skin, sour and not nice at all so didn’t want to use for salad and wanted to use it for a tomato sauce, but added some good tomatoes as well.  I tend to use a half fresh and a half tin tomatoes in general.


My husband usually eats much quicker than me but he is very slow eating long pasta.  His one forkful is very small!  When I finish mine, he usually has at least a half left.




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