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My husband is going to Seoul on business tonight and won’t be back until Saturday morning.  From the time we were dating for many years he used to be away half of the month and even after that he was always away a lot until we came to Singapore, when he stopped travelling as much.  He still does go away for 2 or 3 nights now and again but it’s not that often and seldom for the whole week.


I don’t know if going away has anything to do with it but he suggested to eat out at Jamile’s Italian again.  It seems we eat out often on Sundays recently.  Not that I mind, it’s OK with me if he prefers it.


We shared Antipasti Meat Plank and Bread Basket.






Then my husband had Penne all’arabiata (starter size).  Although it tasted good, it was way too spicy for me.  I probably would have given up after about a half.  I was thinking of asking them if they can use Tagliatelle instead of Penne so I could also have it, but I’m glad I didn’t.  My husband said he got used to the spiciness quickly.





I had Fettuccine with Genaro’s ragu, which I feel I order almost every time.  Today’s ragu had too much spice (not spicy spice but woody type of spice, maybe clove?) in my opinion. I like it with a hint of the spice but not when it’s so strong.  Their ragu tastes different every time.



And too much sauce!  It’s quite strongly seasoned so I coudn’t eat a lot of the sauce and this is how much was left after I finished the pasta.  It seems like a waste to me.  I find often outside Italy people use way too much sauce.



We didn’t have any dessert and had a carafe of red wine, a bottle of sparkling water and the total bill was S$165.



Their ragu tastes different every time but tastes good most of the time.  We tend to have problem with their service – like they would bring the main before the starter or don’t bring bread with the starter – but the staff is always friendly and nice.




Jamie’s Italian
583 Orchard Road
#01-01/04 Forum Shopping Mall
Singapore 23884

Tel: 66557676




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