Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / African BBQ at Shamwari Private Game Reserve


I uploaded many blog posts yesterday because my husband is away on business and I seem to have so much time!

Shamwari Private Game Reserve での食事は朝食でいただいたポーチドエッグは美味しかったのですが、あとは余り口に合いませんでした。ただ、初日の夕食のバーベキューのチキンのケバブはとても美味しかったですし、サラダの1つだった(多分)大麦のカレー味のサラダも少し味が濃かったですが美味しかったです。

I didn’t like much of the food at Shamwari Private Game Reserve but the poached eggs at breakfast was very good and the chicken kebab & a curry flavoured grain salad was very good at the BBQ on our first evening.


A table was set up at the garden (?) of the main lodge and we were at a table with the other 2 couples we were in the jeep with and also the guide.  There was some African music performance as well.  Also – I forgot to take a photo completely because I was so flustered and embarraesd – but they gave me a birthday cake.  When you book a stay here there is a box where you are supposed to write what occasion took you there, so I wrote that it was a part of my birthday trip.  By the time we were there it was probably 2 weeks after my actual birthday so it didn’t feel right (they did have a copy of my passport so they knew when) but it embarrased me more because they sang the birthday song when they brought the cake with a lit candle on.  It was very nice of them, but most of us don’t like that, right?  Anyway, that’s done now.





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  1. 星空の下で食事って、素敵!


    1. Noodle says:



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