Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Safari (9) – Lions Hunting


I have already uploaded lions/lionesses but we saw them on a few more different occasions.


This time, we saw another jeep parked near these bushes and when we went close, this is what we saw.  The lioness on the left looked like she had a very full stomach.  There is another lioness behind the lion on the right.





Then, the other jeep left so we moved to where it had been and then we saw a lion and a lioness eating an ostrich!  It’s hard to see but there is a lioness beyond the lion on the left.  We could hear the sound of them chewing and crunching.


I don’t know for sure, but I guess the first lion/lionesses we saw did the hunting and had eaten already as it’s usually lionesses that do hunting.  Did the lion also do the hunting?  Is he the boss or is this one the boss?  The guide told us that the lioness eating with the lion is his daughter.  The lion on the right is his son.  His son comes last because one day he may become the enemy.  His son couldn’t wait and moved towards the ostrich very slowly but was told off by his father and stopped.  Apparently he won’t be allowed to eat until the other two get full and he may not get any at all.





Then, on the morning after the above, we saw them again ( I think the guide told us it was the same group) lining up horizontally on top of a hill trying to find an animal to hunt.




There are a couple of lions as well as lionesses.



We often went quite close to many animals during our drives but this time we (and another jeep) stopped far from these lions.  I guess we would have disturbed their hunting if we’d gone closer.


Although it would have been exciting to see them actually hunting and killing, I feel relieved we didn’t see it.  We saw a group of springbok down the hill on our way back to the lodge and we all told them to be careful!

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