Food Tour


Like yesterday we spent our time relaxing today, reading a book or nodding off at the pool, then in the afternoon we took a food tour with our friends from Italy. We were picked up at our hotel at 3.00pm.


First we were taken to a restaurant, where they serve very good Padthai, which is the national dish of Thailand and we tried a few different versions. We were then taken to a market, where we tried a lot of street foods. After that we were taken to another restaurant, where they serve specially good Southern Thai food. We were very full by the time we were brought back to our hotel, which was 8.30pm. 5 and a half hours since we left our hotel.


As I took most photos with my big camera, I will write about the dishes we had after we get back home but for now I’ll upload the photos I took with my iPhone (as I didn’t bring my laptop so can’t process the big camera photos).


There were many things we would not have tried if we weren’t in a tour like this, it was great fun!

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