Teppanyaki at Sakura at Marriott Khao Lak


Happy New Year! Hope 2019 is going to be a peaceful and happy year for you all!


We invited our friends to Teppanyaki dinner at our hotel ‘s Japanese restaurant today. We ordered some edamame and gyoza as a starter and each of us ordered a set. One had seafood set, another had Wagyu beef set etc. I had Tajima beef set. Then each ordered a dessert, I had Aduki ice cream.


Edamame was fine but gyoza was pretty bad.


For my steak I asked for ‘medium’ but it was very well done. The beef was OK but it didn’t seem like Tajima beef. Usually Tajima beef has more marbled fat, doesn’t it? I’m not saying it wasn’t, I’m just saying it was very different from what I expected. It was very similar to US beef to me.


Ice cream wasn’t good either.


As I say the beef itself was OK but overall I felt it wasn’t real Japanese or real Teppanyaki, it was more like a pretend Japanese.


The service was very slow, English wasn’t understood well, they forgot a few orders of ice cream and we waited forever. Like the service in Thailand often is, everyone was nice and smiley but not really competent.


Still, we had a good time with our friends anyway.

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