Locavore / Ubud

一昨日のディナーは、世界的にも知られているらしい、「Locavore」 というレストランに行きました。6品か9品のコース料理。わたしたちへ6コースにしましたが、1品の前に沢山のアミューズが出てきます。これ、全部、そのアミューズ。細かくは覚えていませんが、最後のパンケーキっぽいものを使ったメキシコ風の味のピッツァが、パンケーキがむっちりした食感で特に好きでした。最初のお供えのようなのは、エディブルフラワー。

We went to a restaurant in Ubud, “Locavore”, which is apparently well-known worldwide, on the day before yesterday. There was a choice of a 6 course or a 9 course menu and we chose the 6 course. However, before the 1st dish, you get all these amuse (or “snacks” as they call them). I particularly loved the last pizza-like thing with Mexican flavour. The base was chewy and yummy. The first one, which looks like an offering is edible flowers.


At this stage, after all of the snacks, I was already saying I was getting full and just a dessert would be about right, but this is where the meal really starts. I’ll show them in another post.

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