Pici Nduja And Tuscan Sausage

今日も昨日書いたようにロンドンのイタリアンレストラン「Scarpetta」からデリバリーしていただいたパスタキットを使ったディナーでした。今日のパスタは、「Pici Nduja And Tuscan Sausage」(ピチのンドゥヤとトスカーナのソーセージのソース)。

Like I wrote in my post yesterday, we had a dinner using a pasta kit we had delivered from an Italian restaurant “Scarpetta” again.  Today’s pasta was “Pici Nduja and Tuscan Sausage”.


Pici is handmade pasta similar to Japanese Sanuki Udon, we learned how to make it in Italy and make it at home now and again. The texture was very much like what we make.  The sauce wasn’t spicy at all although it says nduja is used, but it was tasty and we enjoyed it.  A portion for one is quite large, I wasn’t able to finish mine, I guess about the right amount for a man who eats well.  There was only a tiny bit of basil per person included so we did use our own basil.







I put a pack of Fruit Trifle in the cart in this week’s oneline supermarket delivery so we had it for dessert.  The portion was just right and was very enjoyable.



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