Christmas Tree


When we went to the florist to get a Christmas tree last year, all the tall ones were sold out and we had no choice but getting a smaller one than we wanted.  Apparently there was a shortage of Christmas trees in the US, where we import from.  This year there were enough of them so we could get the right height.  It looks strange now because it hasn’t had time for the branches to come down but the shape looks very good, too – probably the best ever.


This morning, when I was going to bend forward to pick up something from the bed, a pain shot through my lower back.  My husband says he heard the noise!  I had to sit for a few minutes and it was quite painful for a little while but after 30 minutes or so most of the pain is gone as long as I’m still.  I need to be careful for a while so I don’t think I can decorate the tree with my husband as usual, I’ll have to ‘instruct’ him where to hang which ornament.






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