Cauliflower Soup & Double Potato Bake


My husband is back!  Yay!  As we didn’t go out for dinner I wanted to suggest to go out but I knew he would be tired and would prefer staying home so I made an easy dinner.




Cauliflower soup (a friend who runs a cooking class gave me the recipe) with some curry spices and coconut milk.  I froze left-over the last time when I made it so I just warmed it up.


Nigella Lawson の Double Potato and Halloumi Bake。お野菜数種類を切ってオリーブオイルと塩コショウをしてオーブンで焼くだけ。ハルミチーズはレシピでは最後にお野菜の上に乗せてグリルするのですがうちのグリルでは時間がかかってしまうのでフライパンで焼きました。お野菜は、玉ねぎ、赤と黄色のパプリカ、ポテト、サツマイモ、今日はかぼちゃが冷蔵庫に残っていたのでかぼちゃも。ニンニクも入れるのですが忘れました(笑)。

Then, “Double Potato and Halloumi Bake” from Nigella Lawson’s recipes.  All you do is to roast vegetables and top it with slices of Halloumi cheese.  I used onion, red & yellow pepper, potato, sweet potato and also Japanese pumpkin (kabocha).  I forgot to add garlics…  You are supposed to put slices of Halloumi cheese and grill it at the end but our grill doesn’t work well so I fried the cheese in a frying pan.


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