Tomato Soup (cumin flavour) and Goat Cheese & Pear Salad


My back is much better.  It hurts when I stand up but only for a short time, I can move more or less normally now.


スープは、ずいぶん前に Coriander Leaf で習ったクミンとガーリック風味のトマトスープ。久しぶりに作ってみましたが、やっぱり簡単で美味しい。

The dinner today was soup and salad.  The soup was tomato soup with cumin and garlic, which my husband and I learned at Coriander Leaf many years ago.  I hadn’t made this for a while  but it’s a very quick and easy recipe and we both love the flavour, too.



The salad was Goat Cheese and Pear Salad.  It’s similar to what I learned at a different cooking class.  Goat cheese is breaded and shallow fried.  I sometimes just put he cheese in the oven to warm it through and make it slightly melted but my husband prefers breaded type.  The dressing is also similar to what I learned at the cooking class but I use pomegranate molasses to add sweetness and acidity.  I didn’t forget to scatter almond slices today.











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