Chicken with Whisky & Mustard Cream Sauce


As my back is still quite painful, I wanted to cook something very easy and searched in the blog I often read for recipes (in Japanese) and decided to cook chicken with mustard and cream sauce.  The side dishes are potato Lyonnaise, boiled carrot and steam-stir-fried Brussels sprouts.


The sauce has some Scotch whisky.  Although I thought it was a little too strong with whisky my husband, who loves scotch whisky, loved it.  All you do is to mix cream, grain mustard and whisky and cook it down a little – nice and easy.  The only mistake I made was to season the chicken too much.  The sauce is quite salty with mustard so you shouldn’t salt the chicken as you would normally do.  I think I prefer a little less mustard, too.  It was very good, though, and we enjoyed everything.




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