“Posh” Cheese On Toast


My husband is still away.  Usually, during this week, I would be baking mince pies, maybe making a flower arrangement for Christmas for the table and making more effort to set the table for Christmas, but my husband is away until just before we leave for our short break to Japan, so I’m not doing anything, which is a shame.  In Hong Kong we had many couple friends that we would go out with and some of them were often in Hong Kong to spend Christmas so we would invite each other for dinner or drinks or go and have some festive meals together.  Sadly, here, we don’t have many couple friends and even my friends are either back to Japan for the winter break, have their families visiting here or have children to be with.  This as well as the hot weather makes it very hard for me to feel Christmassy this time of year.  It’s something I look forward to to enjoy this time of year with friends and families once we move to England.


As I was so full at lunch time, I didn’t get hungry even at 8.00pm.  I thought about skipping dinner but in the end decided to have something light.  I toasted a thick slice of sourdough bread, put on some Stilton & Brie de Meaux mixture and toasted it again until it was melted and put a little honey on and had a small salad of leaves & apple on the side.  (A pear would have been perfect but I didn’t have any.)  Once I started eating it it went down very quickly – it was just nice and light but tasty.  We almost always have some cheese in the fridge and end up wasting it sometimes, so we have this sort of light meal now and again to use some up.



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