Il Cielo

今日は、今年最後のお友達とのランチをお友達のリクエストの「Il Cielo」でご一緒しました。もう日本の方達は冬休みに入って日本に帰ってらっしゃる方も多いので、レストランは空いているかしらと思っていましたが、満席のようでした。ローカルの方も数組おられましたが、やはりほとんど日本人でした。

I had lunch with a friend at “Il Cielo” on her request; this is my last lunch with any friends this year.  As many Japanese people are back to Japan to spend the New Year holiday, I thought the restaurant might be quiet but I was completely wrong, I think it was full and as usual mostly with Japanese groups with a few local people.



As it’s a holiday season and my husband is away (so I don’t need to eat a proper dinner) I thought about having their special festive lunch but the course had no choice and it was mostly seafood so I didn’t feel comfortable to ask them to make changes and so chose their usual lunch menu.  Unfortunately for me, the choices for me were mostly heavy dishes like cream soup and gnocchi with cheese sauce so it took me a while to make a decision but in the end both my friend and I had the same dishes.  Foie Gras  for the starter and Slow Cooked Beef Short Rib for the main.  I would have liked some pasta with a lighter sauce instead of the beef.


As Christmas is around the corner, we decided to have a glass of wine each.




Some part was a little gamy but other part was OK.  It was very tender but the sauce was quite a heavy red wine sauce so I wasn’t able to finish it.  It was quite a large portion and I cannot eat a lot of meat these days.  It was just too heavy for me.



For dessert, I chose Chocolate Cake & Strawberry Sorbet.



My friend chose, I think, Tea Brulee.



Including a bottle of sparkling water between us and coffee after the meal plus wine, it was about S$84 per person, which seems reasonable for this level of cooking.


After the meal, we took a taxi home and had more coffee at home to chat a little longer.  This friend will be leaving Singapore to go back to Japan as her husband is retiring in a few months.  I met her relatively soon after we moved to Singapore and we’ve been seeing each other quite often, I will miss her terribly when she’s gone.

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