Handmade Christmas Card


As I was late posting Christmas cards this year, I didn’t think they’ll make it in time, but a few friends in the UK messaged me saying they received them so it took much shorter for them this year to get there.   A few years ago I posted them almost on the same date and they took 3 to 4 weeks even to Japan and Australia, maybe there was some problem in Singapore that year.


I’ve posted all the cards for my friends in Singapore as well, so I’m feeling good.  I didn’t feel like making Christmas cards at all this year and ended up making many cards of just 2 design (with just a few exceptions), but somehow I didn’t feel fed up, they were made just in a few days and it wasn’t bad at all.


Having said that, I’ve made a few cards after sending all the cards out.  I have a few cards that I made a year or two years ago but they don’t discolour or anything and are still looking new so I’ll use these next year.  A friend made some cards looking at a photo of a card I made some years ago the other day, and I made these looking at her cards.  I just changed up the colours and the sentiments.












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