Flower Class (A Table Flower arrangement )

昨日は、CARPO のフラワーレッスンに参加しましたが、今回は特別レッスンの「テーブルフラワーアレンジメント」のレッスンでした。丸いガラスの花瓶に紫陽花を沈めてお花をアレンジしたものがメインのアレンジメントで、四角い小さなガラスの花瓶に少しお花をアレンジしたものと一緒に飾ります。出来上がったものをテーブルに並べたのがこちら。

I took CARPO’s flower lesson yesterday.   It was a special lesson of Table Flower Arrangement.  We pushed in hydrangeas in a round glass vase and arranged the flowers and also 2 small arrangements using small square glass vases so they go together on a table.




I should have moved the bottle of water out of sight…



A few shots from this way, that way and from above.














The flowers we used were hydrangeas, calla lilies, scabiosa , viburnum, light purpule and white sweet peas, Reeve´s Spiraeal, Paphiopedilum.  It was just my friend and myself who took the lesson yesterday, so the teacher told us she chose the colours (of Bordeaux coloured calla lilies and paphiopedilum) that we both like.  Sadly, my husband has been away since yesterday on business so he has’t had a chance to see them.  They are still looking pretty, hopefully they still will when he comes home tomorrow.




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