Soup & Salad


Yesterday’s dinner was Soup & Salad.  Soup was Moroccan Harira Soup – my husband and I love this one.  (My recipe is here.)


I usually use chicken stock but I used vegetable stock yesterday because our nephew’s girlfriend is a vegetarian.  She would have been OK if I used chicken stock I think but I thought I should try with vegetable stock.  I was a little worried if it’ll have enough depth of flavour but it didn’t taste different from when I used chicken stock, I guess it has enough spices and vegetables that the base doesn’t matter too much.  I made a large amount (I followed mostly the original recipe for the quantity of the vegetables so it was supposed to be for 6-8 people) because I can always freeze the left-over but our newphew and his girlfriend had what was left for lunch today so it’s all gone now.  I forgot to take a photo of the soup so I’ll use one of the photos I took in the past.






Yesterday, I forgot to change the white balance setting on the Cabon so the colours are very off even after editing.


I made 4 simple salads (one of them isn’t a salad but roasted pepper).  Caprese.



Carrot, orange and almond salad.



Potato, shallot and cornichon salad.



Also roasted pepper stuffed with tomato and garlic with lots of olive oil.




There was a little bit of carrot salad and potato salad left last night but our nephew and his girlfriend finished it at lunch with soup.






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