Dinner At Cliveden


昨夜の Cliveden でのディナー。前菜は、2度焼きチーズスフレとポテトのテリーヌをシェア、夫のメインは仔牛、わたしはセロリアックの塩焼き。サイドにクラッシュしたポテトとパースニップのメイプルシロップローストをシェア。デザートは、ヴァニラスフレとチーズをシェア。

Last night’s dinner at Cliveden House. For the starter, we shared Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé and Potato Terrine. For the main, my husband had Veal and I had Salt Baked Celeriac (I see this at many restaurants now). We shared side dishes of Crushed Potato and Maple syrup glazed parsnip. For the dessert, we shared Vanilla Soufflé and Cheese Board.



For this level of a hotel, the dinner was quite disappointing. We expected more sophisticated cooking, they were quite ordinary. But then the price wasn’t high, about £70 per person excluding alcohol, so I guess they aren’t trying to cook sophisticated dishes. I would say Gastropub level.

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