Hughenden Manor

今日から4泊、コッツウォルズでコテージを借りていますが、Cliveden House から車で1時間20分なので直接来ると早く着きすぎてしまうので、途中でナショナルトラストに寄ることにしました。今の時期、まだ冬でお花も余り咲いていないですし人も少ないのでクローズしているところが多かったのですが、1箇所オープンしているところを夫が見つけてくれました。

We are renting a cottage in the Cotswolds for 4 nights. It takes only an hour and a half from Cliveden so we stopped at a National Trust property. Many of National Trust places seem to be closed at this time of year but my husband found one that is open on our way.

Hughenden Manor (ヒュー・エンデン・マナー)。エリザベス女王時代に首相だったベンジャミン・ディズレーリが1848年から1881年までカントリー・ハウスとして使っていた建物で、家具はほとんどが当時のままだそうです。当時はビクトリア女王も度々訪れられたそう。

Hughenden Manor was used as a country house by Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria’s Favourite Prime Minister, from 1848 until 1881, and almost all the furniture there is from his time.


I guess partly because there aren’t many visitors this time of year but the volunteers are very keen to give you explanations. If you have time it’s always interesting to hear them.


This building was used as a secret base where RAF bombing maps were made during World War II. It was kept as a secret until 2003, when one of the veterans who used to work there during the war visited the House and was telling about it to his grandchild, which was overheard by one of the volunteers.

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