今日は、バークシャー(ウィンザーがある州、ロンドンから車で1時間くらい)にある Cliveden House というホテルに泊まっています。夫がずっと泊まりたいと思っていたホテルの1つですが、ロンドンや義弟家族の家から近すぎて、いつも行きたいところが沢山あるホームリーブで泊まる機会がありませんでした。有名なマナーハウス・ホテルで、最近ではメーガン妃が挙式前夜にここに宿泊されたことでも話題になりました。16世紀に建てられた建物で、現在はナショナルトラストが管理しています。

We are staying at Cliveden House, which is in Berkshire. It’s about an hour by car from London. Apparently it’s one of the hotels my husband has been wanting to stay at but we never had a chance on our home leaves as it’s too close from London and my husband’s brother’s. It’s is a very well known manor house, which was recently talked about as the hotel where the Duchess of Sussex stayed on the day before her wedding. It was built in the 16th century and is now under the National Trust and its garden looks beautiful with seasonal flowers.



In the garden daffodils are starting to bloom.




The lounge, where there is the front desk, is very dark with very low lights, I presume, to preserve the paintings and tapestries.


After checking in we walked in the site a little then had tea in the library.


Our room is very comfortable. Nicely decorated and has plenty of space.


The view from the room.

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