Scrambled Egg On Toast


Today’s lunch was scrambled egg with onion on toast (with some ketchup).  I sauté onion until it’s sweet then add egg.  Today, I added some curry powder and cumin powder to the onion and also corander leaves in the egg and on top. The bread is what we baked at home.  When we bought the bread baking machine, there were 2 sizes available and we bought the smaller one saying we are only 2 of us but we are now regretting that decision.  We cannot find bread that we like here and specially in the lockdown when we cannot just go out and buy even the bread that we dislike the least.  The size of the loaf we bake lasts only a couple of days.  My husband was looking up larger machines but I don’t know if we should buy another machine, they are quite chunky things and we don’t need 2 of them…



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