Bacon Rigatoni

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の 「Bacon Rigatoni with Aubergine, Tomato and Feta」(茄子、トマト、フェタチーズとベーコンのリガトーニ)でした。茄子は切ってからグリル、トマトとフェタチーズは茄子が終わってからグリル、ソースはベーコン、エシャロット、ニンニク、乾燥唐辛子のフレーク、パックのトマトのソース。ソースの焼いた茄子を加えて煮詰めたものと茹でたリガトーニ、パセリ半量を合わせ、お皿に盛ってからグリルしたトマトとフェタチーズをのせてパセリをパラパラ。


Today’s dinner was “Bacon Rigatoni with Aubergine, Tomato and Feta” from Hello Fresh.  You cook chopped aubergine under the grill and tomato and feta also under the grill after the aubergine.  You then sauté bacon, shallot, garlic and chilli flakes then add a packet of tomato and simmer.  You then put the aubergine and parsley with the cooked Rigatoni, plate it, topped with the grilled tomatoes and feta.

Personally I find grilling vegetables is a little stressful as you have to watch it not to burn.  I’d rather sauté everything, add a pack of tomato and make a sauce that way.  Still, the result was good and we enjoyed it.  (I didn’t have feta as I don’t like it.)






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