Flower Withdrawal


We always had flowers at home, but since the lockdown we have really been missing them, so I finally made an order online from London.  There are many flower shops not too far from us that would deliver flowers but they are mostly ready-made bouquets and I don’t like their selections. I’d rather have just one kind of flowers but the places I have looked at in this area don’t seem to sell them that way.  I can only find shops that would do this in London.


I have been thinking of trying one of the flower subscription schemes – you can choose to have a delivery of flowers once a week, once every 2 weeks, once a month or once in 3 months. I chose once every two weeks.  You get a complimentary vase on your first delivery.  If you live in London you can get some special types of flowers, but not outside, so I ordered just an ordinary flower subscription.  You can also choose from 2 different sizes and I chose the smaller one.  You are supposed to get seasonal flowers and this time it was these dusty pink roses – 20 of them.





I also ordered 10 stems of Stock.  10 wasn’t really enough, I should have ordered more.








Both of the flowers were in very good conditions, I’m happy with them.




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