Porky Pappardelle


It rained a lot today again but it did stop raining and we had a little sunshine later in the afternoon.  My husband kept looking out the garden looking sad that he wasn’t able to sit out.  Yesterday, the weather forecast said it was going to be raining for a week or longer but it seems to have changed, it now says it’ll be partially sunny on Saturday, which is good.

今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh の「Porky Pappardelle」でした。ポークミンチとベビーほうれん草が入ったトマトソース。赤ワインストック、ウスターソース、ドライハーブも入ります。わたしはサラダを作ったりほうれん草を洗ったりしたくらいで、ほとんど夫が作ってくれました。あっという間に出来上がります。とても美味しかったです。

Today’s dinner was “Porky Pappardelle” from Hello Fresh.  Basically it’s a tomato sauce with some mince pork and baby spinach.  Red wine stock, Worcestershire sauce and dry herbs are also used.  I washed the spinach and made a salad but my husband did most of the cooking.  It was quick to make and tasted very good.


For the salad, I used Romaine lettuce & tomato from the fridge and Sorrel, Mizuna, Wasabi & Rocket from the herbs and salad leaves that we re-potted the other day.  Rocket was too little to taste much, I really liked sorrel, though.






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