Bird Watching In Our Garden


We haven’t been seeing so many birds recently, but there are often a few birds in the trees or on the feeder.  Our nextdoor neighbour is having a conservatory built so there is always a carpenter working on it so that may have something to do with not having many birds visiting our garden at the moment.


We see a couple of blue tits often but they don’t usually stay long on the feeder, one would pick a seed and goes back to the bamboo bush.  However, today, I saw one eating a fat ball for quite a long time.



そして、今日はこれまで見たことがなかったchaffinch という小鳥も発見しました。こちらを向いて止まっていたので最初色だけが目につき、ロビンかなと思ったのですが、違うみたい、と思い双眼鏡でみた初めて見る鳥でした。わたしは初めて見たのですが、調べてみるとイギリスでは一番たくさんいてよく見られる鳥だそうなので、これまでも来ていたのに気づかなかっただけかもしれません。フィーダーの餌には目もくれず、裸の木に止まっていました。結構長い時間いて、後でもまた来て同じように木に止まっていました。

And I also saw a bird that I hadn’t seen before – a chaffinch.  It was facing this way, so at first I just noticed the colour and thought maybe it was a robin, but it didn’t seem the same so I looked through the binoculars and found it was a bird I’d never seen before.  Apparently they are the most common birds in England so maybe they were always here but I just didn’t notice them as they don’t come to the feeder at all, just sit on a branch of a bare tree.

こんな小鳥です、お写真は eBird からお借りしました。

Here is a photo of chaffinch from eBird.





And while I was writing this blog post, I heard an owl calling again.  I opend the door to the back garden and it was coming from a large tree right behind our fence, so my husband recorded it.  It’s a shame that it’s pitch dark and we cannot see it.



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