Green Onion Pancakes From Sourdough Starter Discard


When you are keeping a sourdough starter, and if you bake often, you are supposed to keep it at room temperature and feed it twice a day (by adding water and flour).  The most common way seems to be to use 50g -100g of the starter and add the same amount of water and flour.  If you don’t bake often like me you are supposed to keep it in the fridge, take it out when you want to bake and do the same feeding.  It means you are discarding about 200g of the starter every time when you feed it.


I did some searching online to see if there is anything I can use the surplus starter for rather than just discarding it, and as I expected there were many videos and blog posts about this.  I tried one of them with the addition of coriander leaves, which is to make savoury pancakes.   All you do is heat a frying pan with a little oil, pour in the starter, then top it with a little salt, green onons, coriander leaves and sesame seeds.  The outside is crispy and the inside is like fresh mochi, very sticky and chewy – we quite enjoyed it.


Our sourdough starter isn’t very strong and not so sour, so we could probably use it for something sweet, too.  I saw a lot of recipes for sweet pancakes – I’ll try that one next time.







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