Cumin Flavoured Tomato Soup & Chicken Waldorf Salad


It’s March now!  It makes you feel that the end of lockdown isn’t too far – though there is still more than 3 months to go.  I feel that we had quite a lot of warm days in February compared to last year and we’ve been having some nice sunny days recently, too.  It makes you feel that spring is coming soon.



Today’s dinner was soup and salad – my husband’s suggestion.




One of my husband’s favourite soups – cumin flavoured tomato soup with lots of garlic and cumin.





Salad was something similar to Waldorf salad – with romaine lettuce (I wanted to use some other lettuce leaves like rocket but it looks like I’d forgotten to order…), apple, celery & chicken.  The dressing was lemon juice, salt, pepper, olive oil & Japanese mayonnaise.  I felt something was missing and my husband pointed out I used raisins last time.





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