Homemade Sourdough Bread (Overnight Sourdough Bread)


I finanally baked a loaf of sourdough bread again!  I find it hard to find the right timing to bake because it takes many hours to revive the starter and then for raising the dough.  I used 80% of the ingredients of the sourdough bread I baked last time so I could use an oval banne and oval staub pot instead of a round one.  I feel this shape for bread is easier to use, both for sandwiches and toasting.  It looks quite round in the photo but it’s because of the angle, it’s longer than you imagine from the view here.

作り方は前回と同じですが、バトンに入れた時点で夜中だったので冷蔵庫に入れて、翌日(今日)の4時ごろに出して2時間ほど室温に置いてから焼いたのと、少し小さいことを考慮して250度で蓋をして18分、蓋を取って230度に下げて10 分焼きました。一部少し色が薄めのところがあったので、もう少し焼いた方が良かったかもと思いますが、ちゃんと全体に中は火が通っていましたし、窯伸びも良くクープも大きく開いたので大満足。クラムはもちっとした弾力がありますがしっとりフワフワ。前回のパンよりもしっとりしているような気がします。よくパン屋さんで売られているサワドーよりも酸味は少なく柔らかく、いただきやすいです。

The method is the same is the last time, but it was almost midhight last night when I put the dough in the batton so I put it in the fridge, took it out around 4.00pm, let it rest in the room temperature for a copule of hours before baking and reduced the baking time a little because it’s smaller.  I baked it for 18 minutes at 250C then reduced to 230C and baked for 10 more minutes.  There is a small area, where the colour is a bit pale, so I think I should have baked a little longer, but at least it is baked all the way through, it expanded a lot in the oven, and the slash opened up very well, so I am very happy.   The crumb is springy but moist and soft, I think it’s more moist than the last time.  It’s softer and less sour than the sourdough bread you find in bakeries/shops.


I was jumping up and down with happiness when I took the bread out of the oven as it looked so good, and my husband was amused and told me “Very unusual that you are so happy, you usually find something wrong with what you make.”  I guess my standard and expectation for bread is much lower than for cooking because I don’t have much experience with baking.  I am so happy that I made a success twice in a row!





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