A week In The New Forest


今日からニューフォレストのLyndhurst にあるお友達のコテージをお借りして1週間過ごします。暑い時でなくて良かった!過ごし易くなった途端お天気が崩れるようなのが残念ですが、暑いよりはましです。

The temperature finally dropped and it’s a lot cooler now. It got better yesterday, rained from early this morning, and it got even cooler. We had electric supply failure many times this morning due to the thunderstorm.

We are renting a cottage in Lyndhurst in the New Forest for a week from our friends. I’m so glad that we weren’t here during the heatwave! Sadly it looks like it’ll be raining a lot but I prefer rain to heatwave.


When we rented the cottage before it was soon after we moved to England, it was winter and raining almost all the time until the last few days of our stay. Also we were driving to our house often to unbox all the boxes we sent from Singapore or traveling so we didn’t do any sightseeing. Hopefully this time we can see some ponies and have a walk somewhere in New Forest between the rain showers.

コテージには小さなお庭があって、大きな葉っぱが沢山ついた大きな木があって、白いお花が咲いています。調べてみましたが Cigar とかIndian Beans とか言う木だそうですが、日本語で何なのかは探し出せず。


There is a large tree with lots of large leaves and white flowers. We searched for it online and found out that it’s called a “Cigar Tree” or “Indian Bean Tree”.

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