Lyndhurst – 2nd Day

今日は晴れ間も時々あったものの黒い雲がたくさん出ていていつ雨になるかわからないお天気だったので、West Quay というショッピングモールに行ってみました。日曜日なので多分人が多いだろうと予想はしていましたが予想以上の混み具合だったので、軽く Nando’s でランチをしてちょっとだけマークス&スペンサーズを覗いただけで退散することに。若い人はマスクをしていない人が多く、全体には半分くらいしていないかもという感じだったので尚更長居する気にならず。

Although the sun came out now and again the sky had a lot of dark clouds and we didn’t know when it woud start raining, so we went to West Quay, a shopping mall.  We did wonder if it was going to be busy as it was Sunday today, but it was busier than we expected.  We had a quick lunch at Nando’s, looked in Marks & Spencer’s for 15 minutes or so then left becase we didn’t feel comfortable in such a busy place, specially as we saw quite a lot of young people not wearing masks.  We thought that about maybe a half of them weren’t wearing masks.


We had Chicken Burger for lunch.  It was chicken breast (no choice) so quite dry.  When we cook chicken breast at home we can cook so it’s tender and juicy but when you have it in restaurants in England it’s almost always too dry.  On the other hand, they don’t cook chips long enough so they’re often soggy, and these were soggy, too.  Chips is like the National Dish, why can’t they cook just 2 more minutes longer to make them nice and crispy?



Tonight’s dinner was Gazpacho, which we froze a few days ago, and a half of the Asparagus tart we cooked on Friday.  This Gazpacho is nice and thick on the day we make it but becomes very thin on the next day.  I wonder if it’s because this recipe doesn’t have bread in it.  I have a feeling when I used to make it years ago using a different recipe (but I didn’t use bread) it was still thick next day.  I need to research on this.


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