Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll Sushi)


Today’s dinner was Temaki Sushi – we hadn’t done this for years and years, I think we had it probably twice in Japan but maybe not since.  My husband basically doesn’t enjoy rice very much so he’d rather have sashimi than sushi, so I never felt he would be enthusiastic about having sushi, but I wanted to have some so we tried it.  Even though I don’t eat any fish, I do love sushi with cucumber, natto etc.


Unless we order specially online from London we cannot get any sashimi grade fish around here, so no raw fish today, but we prepared smoked salmon and tuna mayonnaise for my husband as well as other ingredients – karaage from M&S, Ume (Japanese sour plum pickle), cucumber & aubergine pickles (Japanese), raw cucumber and natto.


Natto is fermented soy beans, it’s one of a few things that many non-Japanese wouldn’t eat because it has very particular smell and texture so I’ve never used it for anything as I didn’t know if my husband would like it, but he tried it today for the first time and actually liked it.  We tend to cook 2 cups (Japanese rice measuring cup, which is 180cc) and usually eat a half of that at one meal together, but today we finished it all.  My husband liked Tuna Mayonnaise the best and  I liked natto and cucumber with Japanese pickled sour plum.

Just in case you don’t know what Temaki sushi is, it’s not what many non-Japanese know as sushi, but it’s something you have at home.  You put a piece of special nori (seaweed) on your hand, put some rice, then some kind of filling (with our without wasabi), roll it up lightly, dip it in soy sauce (just a very little) and eat it.  Sushi that many think of (the type that has a small rectangular shaped rice with a piece of fish or something on top) is typically something you have in a restaurant or order in Japan, we don’t make them at home.







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