Winchelsea (A small town in East Sussex)


After dinner on Thursday, we went back to our friends’ house, had some more chat in their living room before going to bed, but it felt cold and they put the fire on – it’s August!  Our house is very new, all the windows are triple glazing, the insulation is very good, so the temperature doesn’t seem to go up and down so much, it’s been about 23C in the last one month or so.  However, our friends’s house is old, the insulation isn’t great so I guess it’s cold if outside is a bit chilly.  (We love old houses, we would have loved to live in an old house with charactor but renovated to a high standard if that was possible.)

翌日はパブでランチをしましたが、その前にヘイスティング近くのお友達のお家から車で少し走ったところにある、Winchelsea と言う小さな街をお散歩しました。どこのお家のお庭もとってもきれいにお手入れされていて、たくさんお花が咲いていました。古い建物がたくさん残っていて、とっても素敵でした。


Then on the following day, we had lunch in a pub but before that our friends took us to a little town called Winchelsea near their house and we had a short walk.  All the houses seem to look after their front gardens, they were full of beautiful flowers.  It’s another lovely town that has a lot of charming old buildings.


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