ドーセットの旅行記に戻ります。ドーセットでの2日目、「Lytes Cary Manor」に行った後、Sherborneという小さな街に寄りました。Sherborne は夫の母が亡くなるまでの10年ほど住んでいた街なので、何度も行ってはいるのですが、ゆっくり街を歩いたことはほとんどなかったような記憶です。


Back to the Dorset trip. On the 2nd day in Dorset, we also went to Sherborne after Lytes Cary Manor. My husband’s mother used to live in Sherborne, for maybe about 10 years until she passed away, so we have been there many times but I don’t remember walking in town. We used to rent a house and spend a week with her or take her on a trip so we used to pick her up and drop her off at her place there, but I don’t think we actually spent much time in the town itself.

Sherborne is also a little old market town, so there are a lot of nice old houses.


The grave of my husband’s parents is near here, so we visited it. There aren’t any particular days when people visit their ancester’s graves here and I have a feeling that not many of them do, but my husband has been there a few times over the years.

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