Pasta With Roasted Petit Tomatoes & Garlic


Today’s dinner was a very simple pasta, spaghetetini with roasted petit tomatoes and garlic.


I wanted to use some petit tomatoes on vine that were in our fridge so I put salt, papper & olive oil over the tomatoes in a bowl, mixed them and put them on a baking sheet, added a couple of garlic cloves with their skin and roasted for a little longer than 10 minutes at 200C.  While I cooked pasta, I slowly fried garlic slices and chilli flakes in some olive oil in a frying pan, took the garlic slices out as they browned, added the cooked pasta with some cooking water, mixed very quickly so the oil and water mixed well.  When the pasta was just the right texture, tasted, added salt, pepper, the roasted tomatoes, garlic (mashed the roasted ones), rocket, mixed everything together, then took it off the heat and added basil.


This is the sort of pasta I just love.  My husband tends to prefer short pasta with a lot of stuff but he has been gradually changing and tells me he now enjoys long pasta as well.  I didn’t think he liked cold pasta so much, but he seemed to have enjoyed this one.








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