Amberley (Charming Little Village In West Sussex)


It was another beautiful day today, with a blue sky and bright sun.  It was cold in terms of the temperature but there was no wind and the sun was shining so it didn’t feel cold.  We had a little walk in the village of “Amberley” which is about 15 minutes by car from home and is where the pub we had lunch at. Here we found lots of lovely old thatched houses – I don’t know why it is but I just love old houses.  Looking at them I think “Oh, I wish we lived in such a house!” but I know we won’t like them if we see the inside because the rooms are small, the ceilings often too low, just not what we want.  You are also often limited by regulations in what you can do with renovations.







A hare and a fox on the roof!  How cute are they?  I love them!





















I found some snowdrops!!






This isn’t a real bird either, made of straw and wires.  I think it’s probably meant to be a pheasant.




The view from the car on our way back home, so beautiful!  We are so lucky that there are so many beautiful places near us.




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    素敵な写真 沢山ありがとう¥

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