Holiday Day 4 / Dinner


Again we are having trouble uploading photos on my blog. I wish Wi-Fi in England was faster, it gives us so much trouble when we travel.

昨日の夕食は、賞を受けたピッツアで有名という触れ込みのAmbleside にあるZeffirellis というレストランにきました。前菜に、バーベキューで焼いたフェンネルのオリーブソースをシェアーし、ピッツァの大きなサイズをシェアーしました。

We went to “Zeffirellis”, an Italian restaurant in Ambleside as we read they serve ‘award winning pizza’. To start we shared BBQ fennel with olive sauce and then had a large-size pizza – we chose Margherita with extra toppings of jalapeño and red pepper.


Award winning pizza … well, it wasn’t quite what we expected. As you can see it’s not Italian style at all. We would have been happy with this 30 years ago but these days we expect them to be Italian style in an Italian restaurant. It was good as an American pizza, but I don’t think we needed to drive 30 minutes to get this, Domino’s would have been just fine.

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