Vegetable Curry


It rained now and again today but we did do some gardening when it wasn’t raining.  As some bulbs are already coming out we feel we have to hurry to mulch the rest of the garden. Maybe only about a quarter has been done so far.  It takes time because we need to weed and cut back the plants like salvias and penstemon.  The garden bin was empty yesterday but is full again!


It’s getting colder, it was 4C the lowest and 7C the highest today.  Next week from Wednesday, it’ll be as cold as minus, but it’ll be sunny.


Today’s dinner was vegetable curry – from the freezer as we froze some left-over a little while ago.  Our 2nd freezer is now quite full so we need to use what we have.  Until about a year ago we had only a very small freezer and now we have a large  independent freezer but it has somehow got quite full with bread, vegetables, fruits etc.


The Pumpkin in the curry had disintegrated, so had some of the potato, so I added some fresh stem broccoli.


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