Japanese Hamburg Steak


The weather was quite good today, so I did some gardening for an hour and a half – weeding, collecting some leaves, cutting back salvias and mulching a small part of the garden.  I wanted to do more but it started to rain so I had to stop.


Also, the gardener who changed his job suddenly recently. finally came this morning to plant spring bulbs in the front garden and he planted all the  alliums and narcissus.  The scaffoldings for installation of the solar panels are still there in the front and the bases, which are square blocks of wood, are taking quite a lot of space so he will come back to plant crocuses once the scaffolding is gone – which hopefully will be quite soon.  I’m so relieved that he came and planted all the alliums and narcissus, it has been stressing me so much because we just didn’t know if he would really come as he had promised.  There are 1,000 crocuses to go in so that’ll be a big job but I guess it’s not as bad as I imagine as you don’t need to dig much and they will be planted in clumps.    Anyway, I am relieved that he came.



Dinner was Japanese style Hamburg Steaks, and was very tasty.  The sauce is what was left from Hayashi Rice that I cooked some time before and I added a little ketchup.  We made a lot of steaks so we have enough for one more meal.  Side dishes are roasted parsnips and tender stem broccoli.  Roasted parsnips are so sweet!





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