The Last Day In London / Lunch At Claridge’s


On our last day in London, we did some shopping in Fortnum & Mason and browsed in a bookshop before checking out and having lunch at the restaurant on the lobby level of Claridge’s, then we drove back home.


When we were having lunch here, suddenly, I felt sort of nostalgic.  I wondered why then realised it’s because I used to have lunch or tea and cake with my friends in Hong Kong and Singapore (a lot more often in Hong Kong because hotels there were beautiful) and that feeling of being in a nice hotel just came back.  There aren’t that many beautiful hotels in Japan and we have such an opportunity only when we visit London.




My husband had salmon and avocado sandwiches.



I had “Chicken Katsu Sandwich” with kimchi.  Kimchi seems to be very popular here now.  It was actually more like fried chicken than chicken katsu but was quite nice and I enjoyed it.  (Chicken katsu is thinner and has breadcrumbs, whereas fried chicken is thicker and has batter).





I will blog some photos of the Christmas illuminations that I took when we walked in the area around Regent Street and Bond Street.


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